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Earthquake Insurance

from The Insurance Place

Earthquake Insurance

Seismic activity around the country has spurred many property owners to consider earthquake insurance. Perhaps nowhere is this more imperative than in San Diego and nearby communities in Southern California.

Not only would San Diego be affected by activity along the well-known San Andreas fault line, the Rose Canyon fault, which runs along San Diego’s coastline, has recently caused scientists concern. And additional faults run through or near San Diego as well, including the San Clemente, Elsinore, and San Jacinto faults. Activity in one region can trigger further activity along faults close by, putting San Diegans at risk of severe property damage.

Unfortunately, many people think their homeowner or commercial property insurance policies cover earthquake damage, but this is not typically the case. Instead, property owners must take out a separate earthquake policy, which we can obtain through our independent agency.

An earthquake insurance policy covers repair and reconstruction, as well as damage to personal property or work furnishings and equipment that result from a seismic event, similar to a homeowner policy. But not all earthquake insurance is the same. Here are some things to ask before selecting a policy:

  • What does the policy reimburse?
  • What events are/are not covered by the policy (e.g., tsunamis and tidal waves aren’t usually covered)?
  • Does it cover the cost of living elsewhere if your home becomes uninhabitable?
  • What is the deductible if you have to file a claim?
  • Are there things you can do to your home or business property to minimize damage from an earthquake?

Call The Insurance Place at 760-643-2100 for more information about earthquake insurance or reach out online for a quote. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is protected even in the event of nature’s worst catastrophes.