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Condo Insurance

from The Insurance Place

Condo Insurance

Some condo owners think a conventional homeowner policy is best for them. But did you know that a specialized condo insurance policy may be better and more economical for you?

Like homeowner insurance, condo insurance covers your personal property in the event of fire, theft, natural disasters, and other types of loss. It will also reimburse you for the expense of living elsewhere if your building or unit is uninhabitable, such as after a fire or storm.

But why pay for elements you don’t need? You don’t require the coverage a homeowner does because you don’t own the entire structure or its exterior. For example, a condo insurance policy can cover upgrades you have made to your residence, such as kitchen renovations or new flooring.

We also give you the option of full replacement cost coverage. This means if you file a claim, there is no depreciation subtracted from the value of your personal property.

At The Insurance Place, we are independent agents who can help you find condo insurance coverage that meets all your needs and works within your budget. We can find a balance between your premium and your deductible, so your policy is affordable. The premium is the cost of your insurance policy, and the deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before your policy kicks in should you have to file a claim. Usually, raising your deductible a bit lowers your premium and vice versa.

Your policy covers everything on the interior of the property, including furnishings, clothing, electronics, housewares, and sporting goods. You can easily add extra coverage for a nominal fee for things like jewelry, antiques, fine art, or collectibles.

We’re pros at customizing San Diego condo policies to work with our clients’ HOA agreements. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes from knowing your personal property and investment are protected.

Use our easy online message form for a quote or call us at 760-643-2100 to let us know about your insurance needs. Your condo insurance policy can be taken care of quickly and efficiently, and you won’t worry about having your investment go unprotected from those unexpected events that sometimes happen in life.