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Restaurant Insurance

from The Insurance Place

Restaurant Insurance

Whether you own a full-size restaurant, a cafe, a coffee shop, or another type of food service establishment such as a bakery, it’s important to protect your investment, hard work, and income stream. At The Insurance Place, our independent agents have an array of restaurant insurance products for your unique business.

What would you do if something happened to your storefront, and you couldn’t open it? What if a burst pipe that occurred through no fault of your own caused water damage to your equipment? There are a million scenarios that could put your business at risk for liability or financial loss, such as:

  • A fire or natural disaster
  • An accident with one of your delivery vehicles or food trucks
  • A hack of your computer system
  • An imbibing customer who later gets in an auto accident
  • A diner slipping and falling on your premises
  • Inventory loss due to spoilage after a power outage
  • An accident involving an employee

We understand no two business enterprises are the same. That’s why we talk with each and every San Diego client about what kind of insurance best suits them, including:

  • Property insurance to protect your physical location, including structures, interior contents, and inventory
  • Commercial auto insurance for vehicles like delivery trucks or cars used by sales staff
  • Equipment breakdown insurance, including for losses incurred when equipment malfunctions
  • Identity theft and data loss protection, which benefits both your business and your customers
  • Liquor liability insurance if you serve alcohol
  • Food spoilage insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance for your employees

From mobile donut shops to pizza places to fine dining, we can build a restaurant insurance package that’s right for you. You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor better when you know you’re covered. Call us today at 760-643-2100 or get in touch online to let us know how we can help give you that peace of mind.