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Motorhome and RV Insurance in California

Planning a road trip? You won’t have to wait to reach your destination to start having a good time. A motorhome lets you and your family have fun even while on the road. When you’ve got the comfort and freedom of your motorhome, you’ll wonder how you ever did road trips before!

However, road dangers can still put your trip in jeopardy. Smaller vehicles can get in your blind spots, and avoiding debris in the road can be difficult. If you aren’t used to driving such a large vehicle, you may be unnecessarily putting you and your family at risk.

Your regular vehicle insurance plan will not provide coverage for your motorhome in California. Auto insurance for your recreational vehicles (RVs) requires specialized motorhome insurance. While you may not need a different driver’s license to drive your RV, you should get yourself the best protection possible.

Get California motorhome insurance before your trip gets underway. Motorhome insurance covers a wide range of potential disasters to ensure you recover safe and sound.

Don’t jeopardize what could be the time of your life—get motorhome insurance and get protected! Because your motorhome is more than simply your home on wheels; it’s a big investment as well. And like your home, it pays to keep your investment protected.

Types of Motorhome Insurance in California

Making the informed decision on motor home insurance can make all the difference. Depending on what kind of RV you drive in California, you may require a more specialized plan. We know how eager you are to get your trip going—but if you don’t take the time to get protected now, it may be too late.

Learning your needs for RV insurance can get you the most affordable, cheapest RV rates. These rates can provide the highest amount of protection for your dollars. Whether you need Class A motorhome insurance or a plan for your alcove motorhome, the right plan can keep you covered:

  • Comprehensive Coverage – Covers your RV from most types of accidents, including collision, fire, smoke, flood, vandalism, and more.
  • Total Loss Replacement Coverage – Replaces your whole vehicle if it’s irreparably damaged.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage – Covers your personal belongings if lost or stolen from your RV.
  • Full-Timer Coverage – Full-timer motorhome insurance functions much the same as homeowner’s insurance, covering you when you’re using your RV as your place of residence.


Even if you don’t travel with your RV often, you may still be a victim of vandalism or theft. The best motorhome insurance may cover your motorhome even when parked on your property.

So how do you choose? There are a lot of motor home insurance plans out there, and you may need a lot of coverage. But you can find cheap insurance plans for your motorhome. Just talk to us at The Insurance Place! As your motorhome insurance comparison site, we can find you multiple plans for you to choose from.

Save Money and Travel in Comfort and Safety with Insurance for Motorhomes

Traveling by motorhome can offer you a vacation experience unlike any other. While stuffing everyone inside the family van has a certain charm, your motorhome can provide everyone with better comfort. A world of on-the-road luxury and convenience awaits you with a motorhome!

No matter if you’re taking your family on vacation or if you’re starting off your retirement with a road trip, your motorhome lets you take the comforts of home with you. A fully functional bathroom, kitchen, and living space ensures your trip will be just as comfortable as if you were at home.

Traveling with your motorhome can also save you time and money. Fewer pit stops to use the restroom means more time on the road—and the sooner you’ll reach your vacation destination! No need to spend your nights in uncomfortable hotel rooms or spend your money on outrageous nightly fees. Your motorhome offers you the ultimate in leisurely travel.

When you’re on the road, your motorhome is your home. Protect it.

Since your California motorhome qualifies as a vehicle, you’ll need specific insurance that’s different from your normal California car insurance. However, there’s no question that your motorhome will feel like your home more than any hotel room could. Your home deserves the best protection it can get—so why not invest in motor home insurance?

The right plan can also provide coverage for any belongings you bring. So don’t hesitate to bring your favorite vacation essentials if you think they’ll make the trip more fun—a solid plan can insure them too.

With a motorhome, you truly can have the best vacation ever!

Make Your California Camping Vacation Memorable and Safe

California’s beautiful coastline offers you some of the best camping opportunities in the world. From SoCal beaches to Big Sur, you can enjoy the year-round fantastic weather of the Golden State. With so many campsites to choose from, it can be hard to choose just one! Whichever you choose, just remember to pack your motorhome with your favorite belongings.

A motorhome has many benefits over your typical vacation transportation. Are you taking advantage of these benefits? The right insurance plan ensures your family’s protection either on the road or at the campsite. Make sure you and your family arrive to your destination safely and get insured today.

If you’re looking for the lowest RV insurance plan with the best coverage possible, we can help. We are committed to finding you your ideal insurance plan to perfectly fit your needs. How do we do this? Simple—we listen to your needs and find you plans based on those needs. You see, unlike any other insurance agency in California, we want to build a relationship with you to protect those you care about most, as well as your investment. We dedicate our resources to finding you plans that you can afford and get peace of mind.

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