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Car Insurance for Visiting Mexico

A visit to Mexico can be the perfect destination to ease the stress of a busy California workweek. Living so close to the border gives you easy access to a scenic weekend getaway.

But before you drive down to enjoy Mexico’s beautiful beaches and rich culture, you have to get Mexican car insurance.

Your current vehicle insurance will not apply in Mexico. You need specialized Mexican insurance that meets Mexico’s requirements.

You can buy Mexican car insurance online right here at The Insurance Place! Whatever your length of stay, we can help you find an affordable plan that protects you and your passengers.

Find Specialized Mexico Insurance for Visits or Vacations

A number of factors will influence the kind of policy you buy. Before you pack your bags and fill up the ice chests, you need to ask yourself:

  • – How long will you be staying in Mexico?
  • – How many people are you bringing?
  • – How familiar are you with Mexico’s laws?
  • – How will you be spending your time?
  • – Will you be driving your own car, or do you need to rent one?


Even if you plan to drive carefully, accidents can still happen—no matter how careful you are. But you can prepare for the unexpected by having Mexico travel insurance.

While your normal California car insurance policy may have been sufficient for your needs back home, it will have no effect while out of the country. Mexican auto insurance will supply you with the peace of mind and protection you need to feel safe.

Short term coverage such as Mexico auto insurance per day can make your trip down to Tijuana a breeze. Tijuana car insurance can give you protection and peace of mind as you hit the beach or the local taco shops. As a major metropolitan area, you should definitely consider making a Tijuana visit—just make sure to have the insurance!

If you’re looking for longer term coverage for a farther trip to Rocky Point, you’ll simply need more insurance. Mexican car insurance Rocky Point can work for you if you plan on visiting this scenic location. As long as you have Mexican insurance Rocky Point, you’ll have coverage.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Mexico Car Insurance

Not every insurance plan will be right for you. Depending on a variety of factors, you might have trouble choosing the perfect plan. We at The Insurance Place want to help you have a hassle-free Mexico vacation. When you call us for your free insurance quote, keep these factors in mind.

Mexico’s Terrain and Weather

Is your car equipped to drive on rough terrain? You may find your exotic destination taking you down unpaved roads. And when the weather turns, you’ll want to be protected from accidents caused by rain or mudslides. Also consider the time of year you’ll need auto insurance for visiting Mexico. This can help you know what to expect—and plan accordingly.


As a top insurance agency in California, we recommend you get your insurance policy with additional bail coverage. Why? Because if you get in an accident, the police may take you to jail while determining who was at fault. If you think this seems extreme, keep in mind this is simply the way things are done. As long as you comply with the local laws and have Mexican insurance for US cars, you’ll be fine.

Call on The Insurance Place for Affordable Mexican Auto Insurance

With so many additional safety factors to consider, finding a Mexican auto insurance policy to fit your financial needs can be a chore. But even cheap Mexican car insurance can provide you with a large amount of coverage!

Contact us or call at 877-358-7722. We’ll provide you with the best Mexican car insurance you can count on—even if you run into some bad luck.

The Insurance Place is always there. If we have questions whether it is on prices or our policy, they are there & will stop their business to explain it. They have helped us with many different situations.

- Dawn
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