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Contractors Insurance

As a general contractor, there’s little more satisfying than seeing a project come together. Whether that project is the construction of a new home or the overseeing of a new software program, getting work done is your specialty.

But even a careful contractor like you can’t anticipate everything that may happen at the worksite. Some things are simply beyond your control.

When accidents happen, and they will, you’ll be glad to have contractors insurance.

Contractors insurance is a form of commercial liability insurance that protects you in the event of an accident. Because when something goes wrong, you need to make sure your business makes it through.

We at The Insurance Place can help you find cheap contractor liability insurance to protect you from expensive lawsuits. Whatever your insurance needs, we want to see them met and make sure you meet any and all contractors insurance requirements.

You can’t afford to go without a solid insurance plan. So get covered and get work done the right way with contractors insurance today!

Build Your Contractors Insurance Policy with the Best Coverage

Contracting can be a rewarding job, but you never truly know how a contract will go. Anything can happen—a pipe can burst, a vehicle could get in an accident, a term was failed to be met after the work was completed. Rather than worry about all this, you can let contractors insurance cover your financial assets and let you focus on your job.

There are many types of jobs which require different forms of contractor insurance. Depending on the industry you work in, you can build an ideal contractors insurance plan to cover any aspect of your business.

Commercial car insurance covers your business needs while on the road. Maybe you’re driving to a worksite when you accidentally cause an accident. If found at fault, you could be responsible for paying the other driver’s medical and property bills. But with commercial car insurance in place, your business’s financial assets are protected.

If you’re a handyman, you never know what kind of job you might end up doing this week. Whatever job it ends up being, handyman insurance is a must-have. From simple plumbing jobs to more complicated wiring gigs, having insurance makes sure that if something goes wrong, your business won’t suffer for it.

Maybe you were so focused on your work that you overlooked one tiny detail outlined in the contract. When your client notices this, he or she could take you to court for it! With errors and omissions service, paying for your honest mistakes will come out of your contractor’s insurance coverage—rather than your own pocket!

If funds are tight, you could always get basic BOP business insurance San Diego. Great for getting your business started, BOP insurance covers your basic contractors insurance needs.

You may think you can’t do much about anticipating accidents. But getting independent contractor general liability insurance is a good start! This way, if accidents do occur, you won’t have to worry about losing all your financial assets in a lengthy court case.

Make Your Job Safer with Insurance from The Insurance Place

Insurance does more than just protect you. Any clients who see you are an insured contractor may be more likely to hire you. Having insurance shows that you are willing to be held accountable for any liability issues that come up. And if something does end up happening, you’ll be glad you had a comprehensive contractors insurance plan!

Worried you’re underinsured? Concerned over affording enough protection? It’s easy to get everything you need. And you can get it from The Insurance Place! Contact us to find a plan that fits your contracting work. We can find affordable plans to help make your business more reliable in the eyes of your clients.

From the time I walked into the door of The Insurance Place, there was nothing but fantastic service given to me. I was just starting insurance on my own and branching off of my parent’s insurance to be independent. Rod Danger and his team were extremely helpful to the wants and needs that best suited me. They found me the lowest rates with the best coverage that was affordable. Whenever you have questions, The Insurance Place are there to answer every question asked. I love their customer service and plan to continue to be a loyal customer for a very long time! Thank you Insurance Place!

- Chrisha Baskerville, 2011
Variable Life Insurance

What is Variable Life Insurance?
Life insurance is changing constantly. While finding the right plan for you or your loved one may take some effort, it can make all the difference when recovering from a tragedy. However, not knowing what to look for could leave you financially crippled. When you or your family need life insurance, you need to know what to look for.