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Commercial General Liability Insurance in San Diego

Accidents happen. But even small mishaps can result in large lawsuits.

What’s a small San Diego business like yours to do? If you are found liable for something your business did—or, more often, for something your business failed to do—you’re responsible for paying up. But when the dust settles and you’ve paid all the charges out of pocket, where will that leave your business?

Nowhere good, we imagine. Not without the right business insurance in San Diego.

San Diego Commercial liability insurance protects your business assets if your company is taken to court for causing injury or property damage. With the right commercial liability insurance coverage, your company can recover from the financial hardship that follows a lawsuit—and come back ready to do business.

For the most affordable liability insurance, you’ll be glad you chose The Insurance Place among all other commercial liability insurance companies. That’s because we listen to your needs to find you the cheapest general liability insurance in town. Our proactive approach to insurance involves fitting you with a plan that will work for your present and future needs.

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What Commercial Liability Insurance Can Do For Your Business

“What is commercial general liability coverage?”

If you have to ask, you and your business aren’t protected!

If you don’t have general liability and property damage insurance, your business may be at risk. However, you can find affordable general liability insurance that protects you and pays for damages you caused in a covered liability claim.

With us as your insurance agency, we can find you a plan that protects you from liability claims:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Advertising injury (slander or false advertising)
  • Compensatory and general damages


General liability policies state a maximum amount the insurer will pay for that policy period. For instance, say your policy covers $1 million. If your business is successfully sued for $1.5 million, your plan will cover the agreed $1 million and you would be responsible for paying the remaining $500,000. It all depends on how much coverage your plan provides. In this situation, you could also purchase umbrella business insurance, which picks up where your general liability coverage ends.

The amount of coverage your business requires depends on a couple of factors:

Perceived risk – Consider the amount of risk associated with your business. If you build houses for a living, your business runs a greater risk than if you manufacture cardboard boxes. Therefore, you need more commercial liability insurance coverage.

Assets to be protected – Time to review the company balance sheet! You want at least 5 times the amount of liability insurance coverage as your assets.

Where your business operates – San Diego has a history of awarding high damages to plaintiffs, so it’s normal to carry liability insurance with higher coverage limits. But we can find you affordable business liability insurance to save you money—and maybe even save your business!

Protect Every Part of Your Business with Complete Coverage

Your business needs a lot of protection. One policy may not be enough.

Your San Diego business owners policy insurance policy can include a cheap commercial liability insurance. But if it’s additional coverage you’re looking for, The Insurance Place can help! We can meet all your San Diego business insurance needs.

We can even help you find commercial auto insurance for your San Diego driving needs, or E&O insurance for your professional liability needs. Whether you’re a small business contractor or running your own package delivery service, you can get affordable coverage.

Contact us to get small business general liability quotes to cover your business’s every need. Great coverage starts with you—your needs, your fears, and your goals. We want to learn what we can do to help your business survive a bad lawsuit—and come out ahead.

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From the time I walked into the door of The Insurance Place, there was nothing but fantastic service given to me. I was just starting insurance on my own and branching off of my parent’s insurance to be independent. Rod Danger and his team were extremely helpful to the wants and needs that best suited me. They found me the lowest rates with the best coverage that was affordable. Whenever you have questions, The Insurance Place are there to answer every question asked. I love their customer service and plan to continue to be a loyal customer for a very long time! Thank you Insurance Place!

- Chrisha Baskerville, 2011
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