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Earthquake Insurance for San Diego

Are you ready for the Big One?

The next San Diego quake could be right around the corner. Even if you keep your eye on earthquake San Diego news, you might not realize how damaging one can be until it’s too late. An earthquake of even middling power can seriously shake up your home.

Earthquake insurance in San Diego is a practical and effective way to help you recover from one of the worst disasters a California home can face.

Even with a homeowners insurance plan, many locals lack earthquake insurance San Diego. This means there are hundreds, even thousands of people whose homes could suffer terrible earthquake damage. Are you prepared for the Big One? Make the smart decision and get earthquake San Diego coverage for your home.

Get Earthquake Insurance San Diego for Any Kind of Home

They say that wherever you lay your head is home. However, they forgot to mention you need protection too. Insurance is the first step toward ensuring you and your loved ones are completely protected.

As a San Diego resident, you can choose to live in a variety of home styles. But no matter where you settle down, you can get San Diego earthquake insurance to protect it.

Get insured for any kind of dwelling:

  • Owned home
  • Apartment
  • Condo
  • Townhouse


Whether you own your home or rent it, earthquakes don’t discriminate. They can flatten homes of any size, shape, or value—including yours! Without earthquake insurance, you put your home and everything in it at risk. Can you recover without a plan in place?

What Earthquake Insurance San Diego Covers and How It Works

The aftermath of an earthquake can leave your home, and your life, in shambles. However, earthquake insurance offers you a solution that can get you back to a normal life.

How it works: When your home is damaged by a quake, your insurance agency (that’s us!) pays the costs required to fix it. All you have to do is find a plan that works for you.

Policies and rates vary according to a variety of factors. These factors range from your San Diego location, earthquake probability, as well as the materials your home is made from. For example, you may find your chosen policy is cheaper if your home is made from wood rather than brick.

What it covers: Your policy will cover your home—that is, the structure itself—if it is damaged or destroyed. But you can also get increased content coverage to protect your more fragile items, such as your TV and computer.

Most San Diego homeowners insurance policies will not cover your home for earthquake damage. However, you can add a specialized earthquake policy onto your existing home insurance policy. All it takes is a quote from your insurance company.

Take the Next Step Toward Home Earthquake Protection

San Diego has had a tumultuous history with earthquakes. Several quakes in the 19th century, including the Mission San Diego earthquake, ravaged the region and destroyed buildings and homes. Since that time, housing developments have built many homes and apartments with earthquakes in mind. However, even the sturdiest home may not stand up to a truly monstrous quake.

The entire loss of your home due to an earthquake can be a severe financial setback. But an earthquake insurance San Diego policy can cover your losses.

We at The Insurance Place can get you all the protection you need to feel completely at ease in your home. You can get protected and save money with our bundled insurance discounts! With life insurance San Diego, business insurance San Diego, car insurance San Diego, and more, you can get completely covered. Whatever your needs, we want to see you get the San Diego earthquake insurance you need to feel protected.

Contact us or call 877-358-7722 and speak with one of our insurance experts. We have one thing on our minds here at The Insurance Place, and that’s finding you the right kind of insurance coverage. Take advantage of the resources available to you and get protected today!

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