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San Diego Construction Company Insurance

Keep building your San Diego business knowing we’ve got your Construction Insurance covered.

Since The Insurance Place opened its doors in San Diego county we have been handling construction insurance for small to medium-sized contractors who employ 2 to 100 employees and generate $50M in annual gross revenue. In 2010 we insured a quarter of a billion in construction projects in Silicon Valley alone!

Our construction clients are the preferred contractors for a number of counties and municipalities in the bay area as well as for well known IT companies such as HP, Yahoo, Cisco, and Sun.

These clients demand a high level of professional service, value for money and air tight protection. That’s where our San Diego Business Construction Risk Insurance Specialists come in. We pre-qualify and pre-underwrite every risk and build comprehensive submissions that get a senior underwriter’s attention.

Our experience in providing San Diego and California construction companies with insurance means you know you’ll be covered should anything happen on the job. Construction is a risky business no matter how you look at it. You want to have an insurance partner you can trust.

When we discussed our business with our old insurance agent, he didn’t know that when we referred to JAVA, we didn’t mean Columbian coffee. It is nice to do business with an insurance agent who understands the IT world and can best alert us on how to protect our business. We spend less time worrying about if our agent understands what our business is doing and how to cover it and more time concentrating on how to grow our business. Our business is dynamic and ever changing. The Insurance Place has been a strong consultant for our business.

- Adam
GAP Insurance

The decision to invest in a vehicle is a very exciting time in every vehicle owner’s life. The make, model and even color can all seem like tough, well thought out decisions. But after you have found your perfect match comes the real work, deciding how you’re going to finance and insure you vehicle. Have you ever thought about acquiring GAP insurance for your new purchase?