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California Flood Insurance

When it rains in California, it’s a pretty big deal. The Golden State gets more than its fair share of sun, so storms are perfect for getting the grass growing again. But it’s not all sunshine and happiness. Under the right circumstances, even a little rain can cause devastating floods that can threaten your home.

Need to browse California flood insurance rates before the rainy season gets here? We can help you wade through the many choices of federal flood insurance rates to find a price you’re completely happy with. Because we know the value you place on your home is worth finding the right insurance plan. And for the added flood insurance cost, you’ll have the protection you need to feel secure, rain or shine.

Your California home insurance plan protects your home and provides you with peace of mind. But is it enough to withstand thousands of dollars in water damage? Get instant flood insurance quotes right here at The Insurance Place! We’re committed to finding you complete coverage for your California needs.

Why You Need Flood Insurance in California

You might think California’s weather (or lack thereof) doesn’t put your home at risk of flooding. You might even put off getting flood insurance for now. But when a storm hits, it might be too late!

The California flooding season usually lasts from November to April. Heavy rains can soak the ground, bringing an increased risk of having your home submerged. But floods can occur all throughout the year—not only during the normal flooding season:

  • Frozen thawing
  • Broken levees and dams
  • Flash floods
  • Mudslides


As part of your California home insurance, a flood insurance plan can extend your coverage to include protection against specific flood-related scenarios.

Are you at risk of flooding? Whether you need help reading flood maps by zip code or a comparison of new rates to the 2014 flood insurance rates, finding flood insurance has never been easier—or more affordable!

Get the Right Kind of Flood Insurance for Any Emergency

Do you have an emergency plan against flooding? How about for other major disasters?

Getting the right coverage is just as important as having gotten a flood insurance quote. Because not all of what you would consider “flooding” will fall under your flood insurance. Instead, you need to consider other flooding factors that may affect your home:

Plumbing issues that result in a flooded kitchen or garage may not be covered by your flood insurance. Is your homeowners plan up to the task? Don’t leave your assets all wet—make sure your insurance works together to provide complete coverage.

Floods caused by earthquakes may not be covered by California earthquake insurance. You will need a separate flood insurance policy to protect your home from the flooding that may follow an earthquake.

Find Coverage for All Your California Insurance Needs at The Insurance Place

It’s important to know how much extra coverage you need—for floods, earthquakes, or any other kind of disaster. But if you need help reaching a decision, just call us at The Insurance Place!

We have 20 years’ experience to help you find coverage you can count on. By providing you with a range of flood insurance quotes at different prices and coverage levels, you can get a custom-built plan for your needs.

With flood insurance rates by state requirements and tailored to your region, flood insurance can fully protect your home from water damage. Working in unison with your other insurance, you can rest easy knowing you can recover from anything Mother Nature throws at you.

Contact us or call at 877-358-7722 for a National flood insurance program quote and let us help keep your home high and dry!

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