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California Condo Insurance

Your California condo provides a roof over your head and safety for your family.  As your permanent residence, you treat your condo with all the care you would a more traditional house. But as with any dwelling, you need an insurance plan to protect the place you call home, as well as and your family.

A normal homeowners insurance policy does not cover condominiums. Condos are considered different from other types of dwellings, and therefore require different insurance policies.

Your home may be at risk. Is your condo protected?

You can find condo insurance online right here at The Insurance Place. We have 20 years’ experience in providing homeowners like you with great, affordable insurance—for apartments, townhouses, and condos too! If you need help with how to insure a condo, we’re more than happy to help. So if you feel like you could learn more about protecting your home with condominium insurance coverage, let us assist you!

Understand Condominium Insurance and Protect Your Home and Family

There are many similarities between California renters insurance and condo insurance. In fact, condos and apartments differ only in a legal sense—you own your condo unit as opposed to renting it. So when it comes to protecting your home, you need to know what coverage you need and why.

Your condo association will only have coverage for the common areas of your building. It’s up to you to get condo insurance for your own unit. You need to choose a policy that applies to your particular condo.

Some policies may only cover your unit and non-personal items such as the fridge, washer, and dryer. Others will provide cover your unit including all fixtures and improvements. It all depends on what you want to protect and what you value most.

“How Much Condo Insurance Do I Need in California?”

An unforeseen disaster may be just around the corner. But with the right insurance policy for condos, you can come out of it none the worse for wear.

Since you own your condo rather than rent it, you may feel more invested in it. As such, you should get a proper amount of condo insurance that reflects the care you put into your home. Typically, condo insurance coverage basics can cover your most essential needs for home protection:

  • Personal property
  • Replacement value
  • Property damage
  • Other damage protection (fires, smoke, vandalism, etc.)


If you lack condo insurance for your home, these basic types of plans are a good start. However, you might find that you need more than you originally planned.

You are responsible for what goes on under your condo’s roof. Personal liability coverage will protect you against claims that find you liable for injuries. With personal liability, you get protected from the worst; without it, you could face years of financial struggle.

The answer is clear. With condominium insurance quotes, you’ll know just how much coverage you’ll need to protect your home.

Get Insured with The Insurance Place and Keep Costs Down

Worrying over how you’re going to afford all this added coverage? Worry no more—we at The Insurance Place have your back. We’ve supplied homeowners with the essential coverage they need to feel secure in their investment. Because we know a good night’s sleep depends on how safe you feel either at home or away.

Your home is most likely your most important asset. So if you want to keep it protected no matter what, get condominium unit coverage for your home today. Contact us at The Insurance Place and let us find you a plan that’s as unique as your home and needs.

The Insurance Place has been great to work with. They have a good grasp of what our business entails and how to best insure it. Brenda and the rest of the support staff are very responsive and take care of any requests quickly & professionally.

- Jeff
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