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Have you paid your California car registration, yet?

If not, you may need a California insurance company to help you or you may face a fine.

With every new year comes the return of more and more expenses. In addition to your usual monthly rent or mortgage, utilities, and cable bills, the worrisome tax season looms ever closer. However, with all these other bills to pay, you may have forgotten to pay your car registration. Missing the payment of renewing your California auto registration can have an adverse effect on your life.

If you live in California, you need to have your car registration paid on time. The states’ high reliance on vehicles makes car registration absolutely vital. Usually due in the first few months of each year, your car registration can get lost in the ever-growing piles of bills and mail. However, this is one bill you don’t want to miss paying.

Failing to pay your car registration can lead to a hefty fine—or even a cancellation of your license plate. Get help from an insurance company now!

Like taxes, car registration can sneak up on you. And if you’re already experiencing financial hardship, all this can seem overwhelming. What can you do?

Most insurance companies who offer vehicle insurance will provide you a plan and then leave you to your own devices. But we at The Insurance Place aren’t like those insurance companies. We make ourselves available to answer all your questions, including those about car registration. We take pride in being an insurance company fully committed to providing you peace of mind. We can help walk you through the registration process, so you have everything ready by the due date.

If your current insurance companies aren’t pulling their weight, let us provide you auto insurance for getting your registration stickers and get back on the road! The Insurance Place—your California insurance company!

California Vehicle Registration Services

Owners of California car insurance already know the help we provide as an insurance company. Why not get the same quality assistance in renewing your car registration? Don’t let any questions you have go unanswered; you deserve an insurance company to exceed your expectations. Other insurance companies may provide you decent policies, but only The Insurance Place will take the time to listen to your needs and offer you plans based on those needs.

Dealing with the DMV can be more trouble than it’s worth. However, your car registration needs to get paid one way or the other. Your solution: Get help from your insurance company. Whether online, over the phone, or at one of our offices, we can help you. Skip the lines and the headaches—no need to search through lists of the best 50 insurance companies. We’ll help walk you through the process.

Lost your California Registration Renewal Notice? Or never received it?

Don’t panic—call your insurance company. We can help you!

The California DMV will not accept a lost notice as reason for paying your car registration late. To legally drive your car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle, you need to pay your registration fully and on time. If life seems like it’s doing everything it can to get you down, don’t despair. Let your insurance company help ease your burden—that’s what The Insurance Place, your premier California insurance company, is here for!

What We Need to Process Your California Registration Renewals

The California DMV asks for a very specific set of requirements to renew your registration. Without these, you may not get your registration renewed:

Your smog check tells the DMV and your insurance companies that you’re taking steps to care for your car. Vehicle insurance sold by insurance companies is required by the states of California. Of course, you could get insurance from the many insurance companies to choose from in these states. But why choose potentially unreliable insurance companies?

The Insurance Place offers over twenty years’ experience as an insurance agency in California to provide you with consistent, quality service at a low price. You need coverage from insurance companies you can rely on. Let The Insurance Place help you with all your insurance and car registration needs all year round!

For Title Transfers and Planned Non-Operations


Maybe you’re looking to buy a used vehicle. Or maybe you bought a car for a family member as a gift. In this case, your car would need to undergo a title transfer. As one of your large or small business insurance companies, we can help you with all the paperwork in transferring ownership of your vehicle.

You may also choose to file your car as a planned non-operation. However, you need to make sure you file on time. If you don’t, you might be liable for late fees and penalties!

Contact The Insurance Place and Avoid Fees and Cancelations


Insurance companies have to work hard for your business these days. The demands for convenient quotes and affordable plans have redoubled our efforts to remain ahead in the insurance company ratings. You deserve the best—don’t settle for less attentive cheap car insurance company! Our service is second to none.

We’ve remained one of the top providers of cheap insurance in California through our dedication to your complete satisfaction. Whether you need insurance quotes or help with your car registration, we’ll get you affordably cheap to get the job done.

Contact us online or call at 877-358-7722. You’ll get your registration stickers in minutes and you’ll be glad you chose us over other insurance companies!

The health insurance department at The Insurance Place is always helpful and prompt in any of my questions. I certainly appreciate the good customer service.

- Angela
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