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Surety Bond California

Finding work as a small business contractor can take a while, especially if you’re just getting started. You can get frustrated as contracts go to more established businesses, while you struggle to pay the bills.

However, it’s not all hopeless. Surety bond California can help you protect your California business as well as strengthen it.

So how does surety differ from professional liability insurance or other business insurance? What do California surety bonds do for you that other forms of business insurance can’t? A surety bond, or surety, can do more than cover you if a contract job goes sour. Having a California surety bond can show you have accountability, improving your client trust to get you better business!

If you’ve searched high and low for cheap surety bonds California, your search is over! The Insurance Place has just what you need to get a California surety bond. We know your time is precious—that’s why we are dedicated to getting you covered quickly.

Everything You Need to Know about California Surety Bonds

If you fail to meet a contractual obligation, your business liability insurance can’t help you. But a surety bond California can. With surety, you are obligated to perform work stated in the contract. And these bonds are put in place to ensure your client isn’t burned by what may be an honest mistake.

There are three parties involved in making sure surety bonds California work as intended:

  • Obligee – The client. The one who the bond protects from failure to fulfill the obligation.
  • Principal – You. The one who will perform the contractual obligation.
  • Surety – Assures the obligee that the principal will perform the task.


Surety bonds in California are mandatory for many jobs, and absolutely mandatory for any federally-financed jobs over $150,000.

Surety bond cost can differ according to a number of factors:

  • What the bond guarantees
  • The applicant
  • The bond size
  • The insurance agency offering the bond


The risks are great in the contracting business. You could owe a ton of money by failing to meet the terms of a contract. And as a small business contractor, you may not be able to pay it! That’s why surety bond companies like The Insurance Place offer these insurance plans in your best interests.

Build Trust and Meet Your Clients’ Needs with Surety Bonds

How does surety provide you with client trust? Well, a surety bond California hold you accountable for completing the work you say you will complete. When a client sees you have surety bonds, they assure clients that you are willing to be held accountable for your actions—and that you will pay for any unfortunate mistakes.

It’s a common misconception that surety protects you. But you’re actually protecting the one hiring you.

California business bonds such as surety does not provide insurance for you—rather it builds credit and client trust for you. Since you’re paying for the protection of something going wrong, it shows you are willing to be held accountable for honest mistakes.

Get Surety for All Your California Locations

Surety can help you wherever you’re located. If you need a trusted bond company of California to provide you with great surety, you need The Insurance Place!

Info about surety bonds in Southern California and can be found at our specialized San Diego surety bonds page. But really — you can get surety anywhere! Surety bonds Irvine CA, Los Angeles, San Francisco — just call and tell us your needs! We’ll be glad to find you a plan that works for you. Why go through other California surety bond companies when you can get everything you need right here at The Insurance Place?

Once you have a surety bond in California, we bet the client contracts will follow. So if you’re ready to take the next step in better business, you need to acquire California surety bonds. Give us a call at 877-358-7722 or visit our contact page to find the surety you need for better business.

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