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Commercial Auto Insurance

What better place to start your own small driving business than in California? With so many roads and freeways, making deliveries is easy. Just make sure to get your vehicles protected!

Whether you have a fleet of trucks or your employees’ own cars doing the heavy lifting (or driving) for your business, you need protection from unforeseen disaster.

You already have a business owners policy to protect your business. Now you need to protect your investments. Commercial auto insurance will help you make it through the work week without fear of an auto incident crippling the way you do work.

Don’t let managing your business be any harder than it needs to be. Let us at The Insurance Place provide you with exactly the protection you need. We can help you find the best commercial auto insurance carriers to find plans suited for your needs.

Why Your Business Needs Car Insurance

You think you have a pretty good handle on your business. You keep your employees happy, your deliveries are always on time, and you’re managing to balance your budget every month. Overall, you feel like the best boss ever.

But you just can’t help some things. Road conditions, the elements, other drivers—you have no control over these outside conditions. If you or one of your drivers are found liable in an auto accident, your business could face serious financial jeopardy.

Say one of your drivers gets in an accident while on the job. He is found at fault, and your business is responsible for covering the costs. If you can’t afford to pay the injuries, the claim costs, and the defense fees, what kind of future does that spell for your business? Not a good one.

Commercial auto insurance companies like us can offer you small business auto insurance. A plan can ensure that a scenario like this never happens to your business.

Get the Best Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Your Specific Business

As a small business owner, you have very specific needs. Not just any insurance policy will do. You need to find one that caters to your budget and accounts for the quirks that make your business unique.

Like any other kind of vehicle insurance, business auto insurance provides protection at a variety of levels:

  • Bodily injury liability – coverage for damage to other driver
  • Property damage liability – coverage for damages to other’s property
  • Comprehensive coverage – coverage for losses against non-traffic related accidents
  • Collision coverage – coverage for your vehicle hits or is hit by another vehicle
  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage – for your injuries and damages caused by an at-fault driver with little-to-no insurance


The way business auto insurance vs personal insurance works is that you can offer your drivers protection while on the job. As part of your responsibility to your drivers, you can pick and choose among these to outfit your plan for any kind of accident.

We at The Insurance Place cannot overstate the importance of getting a custom-built commercial insurance quote. Certain factors, such as how many drivers you have and how many cars you have, may also impact your quote. But with a business auto insurance comparison, you can pick and choose the best policy to protect your interests—and your business’s future.

Find the Right Insurance Policy for Your Budget

Believe it or not, you can find cheap commercial auto insurance for whatever type of business you have. And with a variety of commercial auto insurance quotes, you’ll find everything you need for success.

Take the next step in protecting your business and contact us at The Insurance Place. With commercial motor vehicle insurance for your trucks, vans, or cars, your driving business will get business done the right way—and the safe way.

The Insurance Place is always there. If we have questions whether it is on prices or our policy, they are there & will stop their business to explain it. They have helped us with many different situations.

- Dawn
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