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California Business Insurance

Our business is insuring your business.

You know what it takes to be a specialist in your field – focus, dedication, experience and hard work. As a business owner it’s crucial to be committed to your own customers while still maintaining the administration and security of your organization. This is why you need an insurance broker.

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Our specialty is insurance.

When it comes to
business insurance, you can’t afford to put your business at risk by not having adequate coverage in the event that something untoward occurs. One claim against your organization could clear out the entire year’s profits or, worse yet, close down your business completely.

We work in partnership with you to create an insurance package that will meet your current coverage requirements, and yet, can be easily updated as your company grows and changes.
Our process is simple.

We get to know you and your business, which allows us to identify and evaluate areas where you are at risk. We then develop a program that covers those exposures, while always keeping an eye on the bottom line. We are looking out for your needs. Our goal is to help you protect yourself.

We take care of your insurance, so you can run your business.

From the time I walked into the door of The Insurance Place, there was nothing but fantastic service given to me. I was just starting insurance on my own and branching off of my parent’s insurance to be independent. Rod Danger and his team were extremely helpful to the wants and needs that best suited me. They found me the lowest rates with the best coverage that was affordable. Whenever you have questions, The Insurance Place are there to answer every question asked. I love their customer service and plan to continue to be a loyal customer for a very long time! Thank you Insurance Place!

- Chrisha Baskerville, 2011
GAP Insurance

The decision to invest in a vehicle is a very exciting time in every vehicle owner’s life. The make, model and even color can all seem like tough, well thought out decisions. But after you have found your perfect match comes the real work, deciding how you’re going to finance and insure you vehicle. Have you ever thought about acquiring GAP insurance for your new purchase?