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California Business Insurance


Business Insurance

Business Insurance in California

Your business has more than just your own interests in mind. Everything under your business’ roof, including people, equipment, and the property itself, must be cared and accounted for to secure the future of your business. Even if you’re self-employed, your business has many parts that make it work. Remove one of those parts, and your business may suffer.

Like home owner’s insurance, California business liability insurance helps protect your business. Disaster can come in many forms, but business liability insurance helps to offset these dangers. The result? A more capable and long-lasting future for your business.

Minimize your risks with California business liability insurance. Business liability insurance ensures you can overcome any challenge and come out on top. Business liability insurance can protect you from:

  • –Work-related injuries to employees
  • –Damage to commercial vehicles
  • –Malpractice suits

Where is your business headed? Where would you like it to go? We can find the liability insurance for self employed such as you to lead your business to success. Don’t get insurance that drains your precious resources; get business liability insurance you can count on to get the job done.

Get Customized Liability Insurance for Small Business Needs

Running a small business can be exciting, but the risks can be great. One wrong move, and you could be shutting your dream down forever. The worst part is that sometimes there’s nothing you could have done to prevent it.

A small business insurance policy may seem like one more bill to deal with—but it’s worth it. You never know what may be right around the corner. A break-in, an on-site injury, even a lawsuit can make an extra hard business year for you. But with the right small business liability insurance plan, you can come out ahead.

Here’s what you can do: Get the complete liability insurance for small business coverage from The Insurance Place. Why? We listen! We can get you a customized liability insurance for small business quote to meet your business’ needs. Liability insurance for small contractors allows you to get your work done without worrying about a lawsuit crippling your business.

Worried you’ll have to pay too much for your business’ commercial general liability insurance? No need. We’ll help you design a small business general liability insurance plan to fit your budget and offer total protection. Leave out what you don’t need to save money and headaches. Then enjoy the peace of mind of having more than enough coverage to protect you!

When it comes to liability insurance for small business, one size certainly does not fit all. We’re committed to finding you affordable business liability insurance rates fit to your industry. Whether you’ve opened a gourmet bakery for hand-crafted cupcakes or you’re running a stylish men’s hair salon, you can find a plan that fits you. Because your needs are unique. Because your business needs protection. Because we care.


General Liability Business Insurance

As a business owner, you’ve got to be prepared for whatever may come. Since you can’t always anticipate what can go wrong, you need an easy answer for making sure your business is covered. Luckily, understanding what can go wrong is something we want to learn from you. This is but one of the factors that go into finding you perfect liability insurance for small business.

Believe it or not, cheap general liability insurance covers a wide range of potential accidents and situations. When something unexpected occurs on or off your property with your employees or customers, general liability business insurance can handle it all.

Lawsuits can lead to some pretty hefty defense charges. However, general liability insurance for small business protects you. When your business’ future seems pretty bleak, your coverage kicks in to save the day. We can find you general liability business insurance quotes with plans that cover the costs so your business doesn’t go in the red.

General business liability insurance covers your basic needs. Everything you need against life’s abrupt surprises:

  • –Property damage
  • –Bodily injury
  • –Medical payments
  • –Lawsuit defense costs
  • –Slander and Libel protection


No matter your line of work, you can’t afford to go without a business owner’s policy. If you truly want what’s best for your business, even basic coverage can give you the means to protect it. A comprehensive plan can ensure a long-lasting future for your business.


Professional Liability Business Insurance

Performing a service for clients can be extremely rewarding—until something goes wrong. Perhaps your client wants to take your contracting business to court for not fulfilling your contract exactly as specified. On a professional level, a situation like this can cause irreparable damage to your business—and any future business you might have!

Even an honest accident can find you legally at fault. And when that happens, do you really have enough to cover the costs?

Luckily, you can cover your bases with professional liability insurance. Sometimes known as Errors and Omissions insurance, this plan especially helps businesses who offer advice or services:

  • –Beauticians/salons
  • –Fitness Trainers
  • –IT Consultants
  • –Property Managers
  • –Travel Agents


Professional liability insurance protects both you and your clients to fulfill your obligations to each other and leave everyone satisfied. It can also pay for defense costs in case your business gets taken to court. For a business, this is a huge financial safety net. For a small business, this is lifesaving.

We also offer our aid in finding you California surety bond insurance  for your business. Surety bonds build trust between you and your clients, holding you accountable to see your work to perfect completion. This also improves your public image, as businesses who have surety bond certification experience much more business than those without.


Take the Next Step in Protecting Your Business’ Future

Not sure where to start? Don’t let your questions about professional, general, or small business liability insurance go unanswered. We can help you identify all the potential problems of your specific industry and solutions to solve them. Call us at 877-358-7722 and let’s start reducing potential risks to your business.

If a small premium is all it takes to have a successful fiscal year, don’t you think small business liability insurance will be worth it? We think you’ll be surprised just how much a difference it will make!

Kellie always works very hard to find us the best rates she can. She is very professional and always explains all options. I feel confident when Kellie gives me a quote that she has done the research.

- Linda
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