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What is professional liability insurance?

Posted by: Insurance Place by: April 9, 2014

What is professional liability insurance?

Mistakes happen – every smart business owner knows it. But despite this inevitability, you can take steps to ensure your business is protected in the event of a lawsuit. However, general liability insurance may not be comprehensive enough; if this is the case, you likely need professional liability insurance. To find out how professional liability insurance in San Diego can serve you, read on:

Why you need Professional Liability Insurance

Clients can hold you responsible for failing to providing a service, or for providing a service that did not have the promised results, or if your service or product led to a physical or financial injury. Even if the claim is groundless, all of these can lead to a lawsuit. A lawsuit can take a long time to see to its end, and can be a huge financial drain on your business. While general liability insurance can offset some of these financial costs, it may still be too much for your business to handle.

Think of it this way: You have car insurance to protect you in the case of a car accident; professional liability insurance prepares you in case the worst should happen. What this grants you is the peace of mind that you and your employees are protected.

What it covers & how it protects

Put simply, professional liability insurance (sometimes known as errors and omissions insurance) covers a wider range of factors than general liability insurance; professional liability insurance essentially picks up where the other leaves off. It fulfills much the same role that car insurance does in the case of an accident, paying not only for damages but for the defense of your case as well.

A custom-built professional liability insurance plan can be tailor-made for your business by contacting The Insurance Place for a free San Diego insurance quote.

Preventative measures to avoid lawsuits

Just because you have professional liability insurance doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to avoid lawsuits. Check your written contracts for clarity and communicate with your clients to make sure you’re both on the same page. And if the worse should happen, there’s no need to panic – your insurance has got you covered.

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