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Vacant Home Insurance

Posted by: Insurance Place by: October 13, 2015

Vacant Home Insurance

Homes can become vacant for a variety of reasons, including selling and moving to a new home, being under renovation or being used as a seasonal vacation home. Often California homeowner’s insurance will not cover a vacant home but vacant home insurance will provide the coverage and piece of mind that you need to keep your property safe.

Is vacant home insurance necessary for my vacation home?

Whether you need vacant home insurance on your vacation home depends on how long your home will be vacant and whether it remains furnished.

Because vacation homes in California often remain empty for long periods of time, they are more susceptible to certain risks than occupied homes. Not only is an empty house more likely to be vandalized or burglarized, it’s also more likely to suffer major damage due to a slower response time to fire, flood and other disasters. Vacant homes also present a high liability risk. Trespassers could get injured on your property and seek a lawsuit to pay for medical expenses.

While many California homeowners insurance policies won’t cover vacation homes that are empty for more than 30 days at a time or ones that have all the furnishings removed when not in use, vacant home insurance can help protect your second property from many potential hazards.

What is included in a California vacant home insurance policy?

Vacant home insurance typically covers damages caused by natural and accidental disasters, including fire, wind, lightning, explosion and hail. Additional coverage for other disasters can be added to your policy as well.  Although vandalism is a common occurrence in vacant homes, many insurance companies won’t provide coverage for acts of vandalism.

Liability coverage for accidents on your property is also included in a vacant home insurance policy in California. This will help to cover the cost of legal fees if you’re found legally responsible for injuries or property damage on your property.

How much does vacant home insurance cost in California?

The cost of vacant home insurance varies based on the location, the type of coverage you need and the major risk factors of the home. Due to the higher risks associated with an empty home, vacant home insurance tends to be more expensive than a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

Are there any other options to protect a California vacation home instead of vacant home insurance?

Some insurance companies may offer an endorsement on an existing homeowner’s policy. Check with your insurance company to find out about your options for California vacant home insurance.

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