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The Most Bizarre Insurance Claims

Posted by: Insurance Place by: April 10, 2017

The Most Bizarre Insurance Claims

Have you had some bad luck with your car, home, business, or just life in general? If you’re a living, breathing human, the answer to that question is most likely yes. Life happens, often unexpectedly, and sometimes catastrophically. At times it’s easy to feel like the unluckiest person in the world. Here at The Insurance Place, it’s our job to help you prepare for and deal with all those curveballs life can throw at you.

Insurance can seem complicated, and unfortunate events can inconvenience you – that’s why we’re here to make it as easy as possible and support you in as many ways as we can with Life, Business, and Vehicle insurance. And just in case you were feeling like your affairs are exceedingly complicated and unusual, we’ve compiled some of the strangest real-life insurance related incidences that are sure to make you feel just a little luckier.

Here we go.

Turkey Business: It’s not as simple as you might think, and a certain Iowa turkey farmer by the name of Larson can attest to that. In 1964, after having purchased 4,335 poults (young turkeys being raised for food) farmer Larson obtained a “turkey floater policy”. The business insurance policy did not provide coverage for all perils that could befall Larson’s turkeys, however it did insure against the casualties of any turkeys who passed away due to certain causes, namely, death as a result of “huddling, piling, smothering, drowning, or freezing”.

So, when a low flying airplane passed over Larson’s turkey farm on a fateful summer evening in 1964, mayhem ensued. Larson and his wife arrived on the scene to find thousands of dead turkeys piled together under one of the farm’s shelter structures. An investigation concluded that 2,066 adult turkeys had died due to “piling and smothering” after having been frightened by the low-flying plane.

Since Larson’s business insurance policy covered those particular causes of death, the turkey farmer was able to collect $10,333 – the equivalent of $79,591 in 2016 – on the basis that his turkeys had died due to the “piling-caused and smothering-caused malicious mischief of the low flying plane’s unidentified pilot.”

Case of the flying Christmas tree: It was a routine pre-Christmas day for an Indiana man driving home from doing a bit of holiday shopping. He was driving behind a car that had a Christmas tree affixed to the roof, when suddenly the tree came loose, abruptly slid off the car, and came crashing through his windshield. The other driver sped off, leaving his tree and a demolished windshield in his wake. Police officers told the man to keep the tree, and his windshield was replaced through his vehicle insurance. We’re glad to hear the man was unharmed – and responsibly had uninsured motorist insurance.

Doubling Down: A man from Delaware set his own home and vehicle ablaze in the hopes of collecting on his homeowners and auto insurance. It didn’t go super well. Nicholas Di Puma cooked up a story so outlandish that police officers were immediately suspicious, and a further investigation proved that the cause of fire was arson by buckets of coal. The result? Five-years probation, absolutely no insurance benefits, and of course, no more house or form of transportation.

The Mattress Calamity: In Seattle, 2011, a man and woman driving down the I-5 with a poorly strapped mattress on top of their vehicle caused a three-way pile up when said mattress freed itself from the vehicle and landed in the middle of the freeway. Two good Samaritans stopped to help, at which point the woman hopped back in her SUV and fled – leaving her male passenger behind.

Shortly after, one of the good Samaritans left the scene, and realized just a few miles down the road that the formerly abandoned male passenger had snuck into his own vehicle in hopes of escaping the scene undetected. Protect yourself from liability in wildly unexpected incidents like this, and make sure to invest in uninsured motorist coverage.

Not all insurance claims are as unusual as these, but they can be difficult in their own ways. The Insurance Place is here to help you through the insurance claim process.

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