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The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance in California

Posted by: Insurance Place by: January 19, 2015

The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance in California

Just as car insurance is a necessity for your car, you also need motorcycle insurance to protect both your motorcycle and yourself. There’s a wide range of factors to consider when selecting a motorcycle insurance policy. We’ve covered some of the most common questions about motorcycle insurance to help you decide what kind of coverage you need.


What Is Classified a Motorcycle in California?


Motorcycles come in many shapes and sizes but a motorcycle insurance policy will cover most two or three wheeled vehicles, including classic motorcycles, custom motorcycles and scooters. It can also cover dirt bikes and mopeds.


What Is Commonly Included in a California Motorcycle Insurance Policy?


By choosing a motorcycle insurance policy, your motorcycle is protected against damage, theft or vandalism. This includes damage caused by an accident while riding the motorcycle or by a natural disaster or fire while being stored during the off-season. Motorcycle insurance also includes liability coverage if someone else is injured while riding your motorcycle or if your motorcycle damages another person’s property. Roadside assistance and coverage of motorcycle parts and equipment are other common optional items that can be added to a motorcycle insurance policy.


How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost in California?


Generally, California motorcycle insurance costs less than car insurance for a comparable vehicle. For instance, you’ll likely pay less to cover a new motorcycle than a new car but may pay close to the same to cover a new motorcycle compared to an older car.


Motorcycle insurance rates vary based on several factors, such as your age, location and the type of motorcycle. If you only ride your motorcycle on the weekend, instead of driving it to and from work on a daily basis, you will likely save money on motorcycle insurance because you’re less at risk of an accident. You may also get a lower insurance rate if you store your motorcycle in a garage versus parking it on the street as it’s less likely to be stolen or vandalized.


Is Motorcycle Insurance Required by Law in California?


The laws regarding motorcycle insurance vary by state but every state requires some form of liability insurance for your motorcycle. Liability insurance protects other people and their property in the event of an accident and helps cover repairs and medical costs. The minimum amount of liability insurance required varies by state.

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