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Surprising things you can insure

Posted by: Insurance Place by: April 4, 2014

Surprising things you can insure

Surprising Insurance Options

You likely know most of the normal insurance available: home insurance, car insurance, motorcycle insurance, etc. But there are some things you can insure that may come as a surprise to you – things you may have never even thought of! Here are some things you may not know you can insure, but most certainly should:


Home insurance is a great investment for any homeowner and the same goes for those living in a condominium. Condo insurance is unique in that it protects the parts of the unit that are under your responsibility. With condo insurance, you won’t be liable for other parts of the condominium, and will be protected from incidents that occur on your property.

Sculptures and Artwork

Sculptures and other artwork may already be included as a part of home insurance, but you can have these valuable pieces specially appraised in the case of a disaster. While it wouldn’t replace the artistic value lost, getting your artwork insured would be beneficial in building your collection again.

Custom vehicle parts

Having car insurance and motorcycle insurance is an integral part of owning a vehicle – but did you know that you can insure the custom additions to your car or motorcycle? Most basic forms of car insurance and motorcycle insurance will only cover the factory standard parts on your vehicle; however, additional equipment coverage can ensure that your custom parts are covered.

There are many other surprising insurance policies out there, and they are all designed to protect the things you value most. Luckily, finding out what they are is only a question away – just ask The Insurance Place!

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