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No License? No Problem – SR22 California Insurance Helps You Get Back on the Road

Posted by: Insurance Place by: April 26, 2016

No License? No Problem – SR22 California Insurance Helps You Get Back on the Road

This is the first of a two-part blog series on SR22 insurance.

In California, nothing shakes up your life like getting your license suspended—or worse, revoked. It’s bad enough you got your license taken away; now they’re telling you that you need SR22 California insurance. Without this certificate, you can’t drive.

Losing your CA driver’s license can seem like the end of the world. However, SR22 California insurance can help you bounce back from this unfortunate turn of events.

How an SR22 California Certificate Works

A license suspension can last for months, maybe even longer. And don’t even think about driving with a suspended license—that can get you even harsher penalties. Although a restricted license will let you drive to and from your place of work, your other driving will be limited. That’s where SR22 California insurance becomes so useful.

An SR22 California insurance policy isn’t actually insurance. It’s a certificate that shows you have sufficient car insurance coverage. Even if you were involved in a serious driving offense, a California SR22 certificate will let you keep or reinstate your driving privileges.

How to Get a California SR22

So how do you file a California SR22? You don’t really—all you have to do is request one from your insurance company. They will then send you the SR22 form, which they will then forward onto the DMV. So don’t panic about filing your SR22 California insurance; your insurance company will have you covered.

You’ll have to carry your SR22 certificate for several years or more, depending on the offense. It also costs a small fee, but that’s a small price to pay for having liability coverage and getting back on the road. There are alternatives to the SR22 in the way of proving financial responsibility, but an SR22 is a reliable method to assume that responsibility while regaining the ability to drive.

Contact Your Insurance Provider and Get Your SR22 Today

A California SR22 won’t solve all your problems, but it can help you drive again. In the state of California, the power of that cannot be denied. Be sure to contact your insurance provider and tell them your needs for an SR22. The sooner you file, the sooner you can get driving again.

Be sure to follow The Insurance Place for our next blog, where we go over several common misconceptions about SR22 California insurance.

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