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Three Things You Can Do to Keep Auto Insurance Rates Down

Posted by: Insurance Place by: April 2, 2014

If you’re a driver in California, you understand that accidents happen. Having car insurance or motorcycle insurance can help offset any damage, but the risk remains that unexpected surprises such as a ticket or accident can lead to higher car insurance rates.

While it isn’t possible to anticipate the events that can lead up to a ticket or accident, here are some factors you can control that can keep your car insurance rates in check:

Be alert

Paying attention may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s a lot more to careful driving than just keeping your eyes on the road. Cyclists and pedestrians can seem to come out of nowhere, so it’s important to exercise extra caution on narrow residential roads. Something as simple as being aware can avoid unwanted accidents that can raise your car insurance and motorcycle insurance rates, so check your mirrors regularly to develop a good sense of your surroundings.

Consider your fellow drivers

Just like you, your fellow drivers are simply trying to get from one place to the other; being considerate of their needs can go a long way towards avoiding an accident. If you’re being tailgated by an aggressive driver, don’t get angry – just calmly change lanes and let them pass; you can get on with your life and won’t have to worry about an accident increasing your car insurance rates.

Maintain a good relationship with your insurance company

One thing is for sure: having a positive relationship with your insurance company is of paramount importance to keeping your car insurance and motorcycle rates in check. If you’re a loyal customer with a previously clean driving record, your rates may not be raised. Although different insurance companies may react to a ticket or accident differently, making an effort to communicate shows that you are a responsible client.

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