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Should You Get Vacation Home Insurance?

Posted by: Insurance Place by: July 21, 2015

Should You Get Vacation Home Insurance?

You only visit your California vacation home a few days out of every year. But disaster can strike even while you’re away. How do you ensure the safety of your vacation home?

Vacation home insurance in California can be a valuable asset to you. Find out if you really need it before you plan your next visit.

Protect Your Vacation Home from Afar with Vacation Home Insurance

Your vacation home is miles away from your primary residence, so you can never really know what may happen to it. Vacation home insurance is for you if you want a similar kind of protection for your vacation home as your primary residence. Just like a normal homeowners insurance plan, your vacation home insurance can cover damage to the property itself, stolen belongings, and liability claims.

Some California home insurance policies can cover both your primary and vaction properties. However, you should consider having separate policies. This is to ensure you’re protected from environmental or location-based hazards that may not apply to your primary residence.

Different Kinds of Vacation Home Insurance Plans in California

Your vacation home can serve many different functions. You can choose to visit it on a yearly or monthly basis, or you may choose to rent it out consistently. The way you use your property means you’ll need to choose the right kind of California vacation home insurance.

  • Personal property insurance – Your vacation home may be considered a secondary home by your insurance policy. You’ll need to consider getting a separate policy to cover it and your belongings.

  • Rental property insurance – Renting your vacation property instead of owning it may be more financially feasible to some vacationers. You can protect your stuff for the duration of your stay with rental property insurance.

  • Landlord property insurance – If you choose to rent out your vacation home, you may have to offer your tenants insurance as their landlord. If you use your vacation home as an investment property, you will need to protect the property and yourself from liability claims. The last thing you want is to be held responsible for an accident that happened miles away.


Find the Right Price with The Insurance Place

Many insurance companies in California can provide you with vacation home insurance without having to insure your primary residence through them. So it’s a good idea to shop around and find the best price.

Simply contact us and get a free insurance quote from The Insurance Place. We’ll show you just how low your vacation home insurance can really be. Whether you need insurance for all your properties or just your vacation home, we’ll help you find an affordable price.

Now that’s peace of mind!

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