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Mobile Home Insurance

Posted by: Insurance Place by: January 7, 2015

Mobile Home Insurance

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Instead of covering your mobile or manufactured home with a traditional homeowner’s policy, there is a specific mobile home insurance policy available.

Mobile home insurance covers not only the mobile home but also additional structures on your land that are not attached, such as a shed or detached garage. The mobile home insurance policy protects the home and your personal belongings from fire, lightning, explosion, windstorms and theft or vandalism.

In addition to protecting you, mobile home insurance also includes liability coverage that keeps our guests safe. If someone is accidentally injured on your property and requires medical care, mobile home insurance can help cover unexpected medical expenses.

What Isn’t Included in Mobile Home Insurance?

As is the case with standard homeowner’s insurance policies, flood coverage is also not included in mobile home insurance. Instead, flood coverage needs to be added at an additional cost.

Mobile home insurance also does not protect the home while in transit. Consider adding collision coverage for the move.

What Is the Difference Between a Mobile or Manufactured Home and a Modular Home?

While construction of both types of homes begin away from the home site and are transported to the location, the similarities end there. A mobile or manufactured home is completely built in a factory and is not attached to a permanent foundation. A modular home is built in a factory and transported in pieces but is constructed on site and attached to a permanent foundation.

Modular homes qualify for standard homeowner’s insurance while mobile and manufactured homes should have mobile home insurance.

Why Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost More than Standard Homeowner’s Insurance?

Mobile and manufactured homes have a higher risk of damage caused by natural disasters than traditional homes. Since they’re not built upon a foundation, the chances of being affected by windstorms is greater. Some lightweight mobile homes could even blow over in a strong windstorm. They’re also more likely to be affected by frozen pipes creating leaks due to lack of insulation.

Your mobile home insurance quote is based off a variety of factors, including your location, the value of your home, the age of the home and how much coverage you want for both liability and personal property.

How to Get Mobile Home Insurance?

It’s not necessary to go through mobile home insurance companies to obtain mobile home insurance. Most major insurance companies provide mobile home insurance as well. Find mobile home insurance quotes by contacting your insurance company.

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