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Manufactured Home Insurance

Posted by: Insurance Place by: February 11, 2016

Protect your manufactured home with specialized home insurance for manufactured homes, which is different from a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Manufactured home insurance falls under the same definition as mobile home insurance and offers different coverage from basic home insurance.


What Is Classified as a Manufactured Home?


Manufactured home is another term for mobile home. Unlike traditional homes which are built directly on-site, a manufactured home is built in a factory and transported to the property in as few of pieces as possible. These homes are not attached to a permanent foundation, making them more susceptible to damage due to natural disasters.


What Does Manufactured Homes Insurance Cover?


Manufactured home insurance includes many of the same features as a standard home insurance policy. Your home and personal items are protected from damage due to fire, storms, explosions as well as theft and vandalism. Other structures on your property, such a shed or garage, are also covered under your manufactured home insurance.


Home insurance for manufactured homes also includes liability coverage to protect you in the event that someone is injured on your property and you’re faced with unexpected medical or legal bills.


Why Is Home Insurance for Manufactured Homes Necessary Instead of a Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?


Due to a manufactured homes greater probability of damage in the event of a fire or natural disaster, they require a more specialized form of homeowner’s insurance.


While manufactured homes don’t necessarily carry a higher risk of fire than other homes, the risk of damage due to a fire is greater as it tends to spread more quickly.


Since manufactured homes are not permanently attached to a foundation, they have a higher risk of blowing over during a severe windstorm or shifting during an earthquake. The pipes attached to manufactured homes are also not insulated as well causing them to freeze and burst more frequently than in standard homes.


How Much Does Manufactured Homes Insurance Cost?


The cost for manufactured home insurance tends to be more expensive than standard homeowne’rs insurance due to the additional risks discussed above. The price depends on the location and age of the home. For instance, an area with a high crime rate will see higher premiums as will older homes that may not have the same safety features as newer models.


You don’t need to go through manufactured home insurance companies to get a quote. Many insurance companies offer manufactured home insurance as an option alongside homeowner’s insurance.


Talk to you insurance agent to learn more about manufactured home insurance and how you can keep your house and belonging safe from damage.

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