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Learn the Ins and Outs of Rider Motorcycle Insurance

Posted by: Insurance Place by: December 8, 2015

Learn the Ins and Outs of Rider Motorcycle Insurance

Taking care of your motorcycle is important, but what about your needs?

Rider motorcycle insurance is something you shouldn’t hit the road without. While basic motorcycle insurance can cover everything from the bike itself to other drivers, your current coverage may not protect the most important thing: YOU.

How much rider motorcycle insurance is enough? How much will it cost? We at The Insurance Place will help you answer these questions to find you the best policy.

Why Finding Rider Motorcycle Insurance is Important

In an accident where you’re at fault, having coverage for the other rider’s injuries is a necessity. Liability coverage is the first line of defense when covering the thousands of dollars in medical bills that can result from an accident. However, you need coverage for your own injuries too. After all, you can’t enjoy the freedom of having a motorcycle if you aren’t physically able to ride it.
Many motorcycle insurance policies do not include rider motorcycle insurance. It depends on the state you live and ride in. If your current policy does not have it, you may have to search around to find one that does.

What Kind of Coverage You Should Look For

Any motorcycle insurance quote will most likely include bodily injury liability for other drivers and riders, as well as property damage coverage. While these cover other riders and the damages to their vehicles, your own safety is important too. That’s why you need rider motorcycle insurance to cover every aspect of a potential disaster.

You should consider two necessities when shopping around for motorcycle insurance rates: personal injury protection and collision coverage. If you’re injured in an accident, personal injury can help reimburse you for any medical expenses incurred. A good enough policy can even help you with financial recovery by paying for lost wages if you’re hospitalized. Although not available in every state, personal injury protection can help ensure your safe recovery.

Collision coverage covers damages to your property—mainly, your motorcycle. Collision also covers damages outside of accidents with other vehicles. These can include damages from trees, as well as collisions with trees and buildings.

Get Rider Motorcycle Insurance and Get Protected

Having rider motorcycle insurance could make all the difference in making your future rides safer. It adds cost to your basic motorcycle insurance, but it’s well worth it. Think of it this way: which would you rather—spend a small monthly premium for your safety or risk hefty medical bills on top of your debilitating injuries?

Call an insurance agency and get rider motorcycle insurance today.

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