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Increasing Your Financial Flexibility – New Year Resolutions Checklist

Posted by: Insurance Place by: January 25, 2017

Increasing Your Financial Flexibility – New Year Resolutions Checklist

How to Make and Save More Money This Year

This is Part 2 of 3 of our 2017 New Year Resolution Checklist blog series.

“Making more money” is always a worthy new year resolution. But how do you go about doing it? If pounds aren’t the only thing you want to burn more of this year, you’ll need to get financially flexible. Here are our tips for trimming the financial fat and getting to the meat of your money.

Bundle Up for Savings

Achieving financial happiness may be less about how much you’re making and more about how much you can cut back. But changing your current spending habits isn’t easy; you’ll need to gain a firm understanding of not only how much to change but where.

A good place to start are your online credit card statements. Many credit card companies lay out your purchases across the entire year. These insightful graphs are divided into categories (Food, Gas, Merchandise, etc.), offering you an entire view of your spending habits at a glance.

Looking for other ways to save? Try bundling your insurance policies. Instead of looking for policies to cut, you can get discounts for having all your insurance under the same provider. After all, insurance like vehicle insurance is mandatory in California. Since you absolutely have to have it anyway, you should at least take advantage of the savings you can get from it.

Tips to Get Financially Fit in the New Year

Tell ‘Em What You’re Really Worth

Do you have your sights set on a raise this year? Don’t settle for an arbitrary salary increase—or worse, go in completely blind. Do your research on how much others in your area make for your same position and see if it is less or more than your current salary. Then choose an increase based on what you find.

Once you have a number in mind, you may need to extra ammo to back up your request. Make sure you’ve taken the right preparations to seal the deal and get the increase you want. Here are other things you can do to get that higher salary:

Show your boss how you contribute to the company. Show him hard data if you can, and leverage that in your negotiations. And above all, don’t sell yourself short! Let them know you’re a valued member of the team. They won’t be able to refuse you.

Feeling financially flexible yet? We hope our tips and suggestions have helped make your future a prosperous one!

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