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Everything You Need to Know About Manufactured Home Insurance

Posted by: Insurance Place by: November 24, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Manufactured Home Insurance

Manufactured homes need protection just like any other home. However, don’t expect homeowners insurance or even a motorhome insurance policy to work as manufactured home insurance. The U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) define them differently from other homes that are built on-site.

Of course, when you start getting down to specifics like this, you need to ask yourself what kind of special insurance you need for your own manufactured home. Here’s everything you need to know before you go shopping around for the best mobile home insurance rates.

How Manufactured Homes are Different From Other Homes

Different dwellings demand different kinds of insurance. Manufactured homes, more commonly called mobile homes, have several distinct differences from other types of homes. They are defined as still being attached to the wheeled chassis used to bring them to their current location. Because of their unique build, manufactured homes do not necessarily need to meet local building codes; instead they must meet the requirements of the HUD.

Manufactured homes are considered different from other prefabricated homes, such as modular homes. Modular homes are delivered to a property as separate pieces and then assembled, while mobile homes arrive already pre-constructed.

Knowing these differences can help you know what to look for when you shop around for manufactured home insurance quotes online.

What Kind of Manufactured Home Insurance Do You Need?

As the construction of manufactured homes improves, so too do homeowners’ demands for adequate protection for their home and belongings. Now you can find homeowners insurance for manufactured homes at just about any insurance agency you look.

Most manufactured homes insurance policies will protect your mobile home as well as any detached structures you may have, such as garages or sheds. Just be sure your policy has the following coverage:

  • Disaster coverage – fire, windstorm, falling objects, lightning, explosion, and more
  • Personal property – inside your shed or garage too
  • Personal liability


You can also find replacement cost coverage to cover any depreciation or betterment to your mobile home. However, it is important to note your mobile home is not protected by basic coverage while it is being moved. You may need to add “trip collision” coverage to your manufactured home insurance.

Shop Smart for Mobile Home Insurance

When shopping for any kind of insurance, it’s important to come prepared. You should have a good understanding of how manufactured home insurance differs from other policies to get the protection you need. The more you know, the better your chances of finding the best policy.

Make sure you know what makes manufactured home insurance unique. Companies that insure manufactured homes may not even know the difference! So make sure that your choice of insurance company knows the difference as well.

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