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Eco-Friendly Ways to Save on San Diego Property Management

Posted by: Insurance Place by: May 28, 2015

Eco-Friendly Ways to Save on San Diego Property Management

We’re all finding ways to be more eco-friendly these days. However, if you are a property manager in San Diego, finding ways to save while keeping your renters happy—and keep the earth in mind—can be a challenge.

But San Diego property management can benefit from a more eco-friendly approach. From water and energy conservation efforts to even renewed insurance policies, you can take advantage of many new approaches that can add comfort for your renters—and money in your bank.

“Go Green” with Your Landscaping

The recent California water reductions have put financial strain on property managers from San Francisco to San Diego. Going over your properties’ water limits could have expensive repercussions. However, San Diego property management includes making a home for renters that looks inviting. Try “going green” with these landscaping tips:

Replace your lawns with artificial turf. Lawns take a lot of watering to keep looking fresh, and that costs a lot. But you can save by using synthetic grass in place of your authentic grass. Depending on how much lawn you’re replacing, the installation may not be cheap; however, you’ll save money in the long run with the water you save.

Use native, drought-resistant plants. Many properties use lush, vibrant plants that eat up water. However, there are plenty of native California plants that can accentuate and enhance the drier climate. Without having to water them so often, you can show your San Diego property management is as stylish as it is eco-friendly.

Conserve Energy with Smart San Diego Property Management

Saving energy is a sure-fire way to help the environment. When your properties are consuming less power, you’ll find that your properties will also consume less money.

Change the air filters. Dirty air filters have to work harder, which expends more energy and, in turn, raises your bills. By replacing the filters regularly, you improve your renters’ air quality and your monthly expenses.

Tighten Up Your Insurance Policies

Your insurance policies can have a huge effect on how much money you save. If you consolidate your plans and focus on your needs, you can find insurance bundles that save you even more.

Insure your high-cost items. Make sure you’ve added insurance for any new appliances you’ve recently replaced such as stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, etc. By insuring these top-dollar, highly used appliances you protect yourself from those financially stressful times when everything seems to break down at once.

Insure yourself and your family. You never can tell what may happen on a property. That’s why liability insurance is a critical yet vastly underused form of insurance. Landlord liability insurance can protect you and the ones you care about from claims of personal injury, wrongful eviction, and slander. These plans allow you to continue servicing your renters with high quality San Diego property management while shielding you from expensive lawsuits.

If you follow any of these tips, you’ll be able to maximize the income from your properties as well as help the environment. Just contact us at The Insurance Place. We can help you find the right amount of San Diego insurance to complement your eco-friendly endeavors.

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