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How To Get Affordable Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

Posted by: Insurance Place by: May 26, 2017

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

Getting Cheaper Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

Having a new teen driver in the family can be an exciting and proud time—but also a stressful one when trying to find affordable car insurance. Car insurance in California for teens can be quite expensive due to the high risk for insurance companies to cover such a driver.

Car-related accidents among teen drivers ages 16-19 are almost three times as likely as drivers age 20 and older, according to IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway’s Safety). That being said, finding affordable car insurance for new drivers can be challenging, but with a few simple tips, you and your teen can save on otherwise large premiums by taking advantage of teen car insurance discounts.

Good Grades Equal Good Student Discounts

Students who maintain a 3.0 GPA can qualify for good student discounts on car insurance for teens. Insurance companies offer these discounts, as studies show that students with higher grade point averages are more responsible drivers on the road.

According to the Accident Analysis and Prevention journal, students with a 3.0 GPA or higher are 33% less likely to have an accident within their first year of driving, compared to student drivers with lower GPA’s.

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Take a Professional Driving Class

Teen drivers who complete a professional driving class, such as a defensive driving course, are considered less likely to get a traffic ticket or be involved in an accident—and this can result in more affordable car insurance.

Defensive driving classes include an examination of traffic laws, road hazards, driving techniques, DUI prevention and education, and are certified by a state’s DMV or Department of Public Safety. Completing one of these courses is a great way to save on car insurance for teens.

Drive a Safe Car, Garaged, With An Anti-Theft Device

Whether your teen is driving the family car, or their own, discounts resulting in affordable car insurance are as simple as driving a car that’s garaged with an anti-theft device. In general, cars with larger bodies, good crash safety ratings, and quality anti-theft devices are among IIHS top safe vehicle picks.

Safe cars mean cars that are less at risk, and insurance companies will provide the best car insurance for young adults when these factors are met. Also known as vehicle safety discounts, this is a smart and simple way to obtain affordable new driver insurance.

Combined Policy vs. Single Policy

When trying to determine the best insurance for new drivers, a combined policy vs. a single policy is an important question to get the most affordable car insurance—for both your family and your teen.

Teen drivers can have their own insurance policy, and this is recommended if there are infractions on the family policy; e.g. traffic tickets, accidents, etc., as adding a teen driver to this policy can incur hefty premium increases. However, a teen driver can face high car insurance premiums if going at it alone. So if a family policy is relatively clean, it’s best to include your teen driver on this policy.

It’s important to note that a teen driver should have more than the minimum coverage. Meaning, a teen driver is more at risk for traffic violations, and a family or multi-car policy should reflect this. This will ensure financial peace of mind for everyone on the policy.

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