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6 California Boating Destinations Where You Absolutely Need Boat Insurance

Posted by: Insurance Place by: September 19, 2016

6 California Boating Destinations Where You Absolutely Need Boat Insurance

There’s nothing quite like taking the family on boating trip. In California, you have your choice of vacation destinations, from scenic Big Bear Lake to fun-filled Lake Havasu. A weekend of adventure awaits you—but are you and your family protected with boat insurance?

Thinking about boat insurance isn’t much fun. Since it isn’t required in the state of California, you might not even think you need it. However, boat insurance can be invaluable—especially when you’re heading to one of the 6 popular boating locations we’ve listed here.

1. Lake Tahoe

When you think “boating in California,” Lake Tahoe inevitably comes up. Lake Tahoe has boaters in mind, as indicated by the many dockside restaurants you can visit. This destination draws all sorts of people—including boaters on their first-ever trip. So even if some newbie bumps your boat trying to dock, the right boat insurance can cover any damages that may occur.

2. Catalina Island

Located just over thirty miles off Dana Point, Catalina Island gets pretty crowded during the weekends. Be careful while hunting for a camping spot—accidents happen to not only people but boats too. Get a boat insurance quote with additional property damage coverage; you never know if this is the trip you’ll need it.

3. Lake Havasu

If fishing equals family bonding time, you’re probably headed to Lake Havasu. Here you can find fish ranging from large and smallmouth bass to several kinds of catfish. If you plan on joining one of Havasu’s many fishing tournaments, be sure to protect your fellow anglers by getting liability boat insurance. If someone gets hurt and you’re found at fault, you’re covered (which could save your vacation).

4. Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is as scenic as it gets. Fishing and speed boating are popular pastimes, and although accidents aren’t common, they aren’t impossible either. With people flocking to the lake every weekend from May to October, there’s never been a better time to find a boat insurance quote before you hit the waters.

5. Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake is California’s largest water reservoir. It has four major rivers to explore, making each day a new adventure as you set out to discover what’s around the bend. Just make sure you are protected against physical damage perils, so you can explore to your heart’s content.

6. Trinity Lake

Trinity Lake is an all-around fun recreational spot, with plenty of room on the water’s surface for speed boating, water skiing, and more. Like other locations with lots of people around, you’ll need boat liability insurance that protects those around you.

Get the Boat Insurance You Need Before Your Trip

Getting a boat insurance quote isn’t the most exciting start to your vacation. However, finding one doesn’t take much time at all. You can find affordable boat insurance rates that should cover everything you need. And once you have enough, it’s off to one of these locations!

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