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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Mexican Insurance

Posted by: Insurance Place by: September 5, 2016

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Mexican Insurance

It’s the morning before your trip to Mexico. You’ve thought of everything, and you’ve packed the car with luggage, ice chests, and plenty of beach towels. But there’s one thing you can’t forget: Mexican insurance.

Your current auto insurance policy will not be valid beyond the U.S. border. And if you don’t get enough insurance, you might not be able to cover a serious violation. You could even face jail time.

Buying the right Mexican insurance policy can be tricky. So before you hit the road to soak up the Cancun sun, ask yourself these five questions.

Who is going?

First things first—everyone on the trip needs to be protected. At the very least, you need a liability-only policy. However, full coverage with medical expense coverage is recommended as the best Mexican car insurance. Otherwise, a serious traffic violation could land you with thousands of dollars in charges. Combined with your own damages, you could face a serious financial burden.

How long will you be staying?

The longer the vacation, the better—right? That’s usually how it goes, but you’ll need your policy to last the duration of your stay. Get too little, and you could find yourself in trouble. Luckily, you can find temporary policies with affordable daily rates, with discounts the longer you stay.

Do you know the rules of the road in Mexico?

Not all roads were paved equally. In Mexico, you might come across some that aren’t paved at all. So you need to know what to look for before your trip. Study up on the signs, which will be in Spanish. Also, pay attention to speed limits, which will be posted in kilometers instead of miles.

What will the weather be like?

The weather forecast isn’t just for knowing whether you need to bring extra sunscreen or not. If a rainstorm hits, those bumpy dirt roads could cause mudslides, which could lead to an accident. Plan your outings for sunny days to avoid a serious car accident. If a storm starts looming, you can always find some indoor fun.

Are you renting a car or driving?

After all this, maybe you think you’re better off renting a car. But you still need Mexico car insurance for your rental, and it’s a bit difficult to get. If you plan to rent through a U.S. agency, you should know many agencies only insure vehicles with domestic plates. Coverage can get expensive quickly.

Buy Mexican Insurance Before Your Trip

Don’t wait to get Mexico car insurance. Once you cross that border, your U.S. insurance will not be accepted. Make sure you find the right plan for you and your family and get a quote now.

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