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4 Mistakes To Avoid in a Minor Traffic Accident

Posted by: Insurance Place by: March 14, 2017

4 Mistakes To Avoid in a Minor Traffic Accident

What not to do after a fender bender


Fender benders, nothing can sour a day faster than getting into a crash on the way to work. There’s a lot of DOs when you get into a minor accident.

Do: give the other party your California vehicle insurance information.

Do: be courteous, calm and nice.

What about the things not to do after an accident? There have to be things to avoid right? Of course there are.

Here are 4 things people should avoid doing after a minor accident.


Don’t leave the scene. Now, this may seem obvious, but after you’ve been in a collision (minor or major) you must not leave the scene of the collision. You may be rattled and that’s OK, you were just in an accident, after all. With that said, fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime. “Just a slap on the wrist though, right?” No, not at all. In some cases, fleeing the scene of an accident can be considered a felony. After you’ve made sure you and any other passengers are all in good health take a few moments to gather your thoughts.

Don’t get angry. You’ve taken a second to compose yourself and maybe you feel some annoyance bubbling up inside of you. Maybe that annoyance is turning into anger. Stop right there, take another breath. Getting out of your car with a potty mouth and a bad attitude is certain to cause more trouble than its worth. Additionally, those things that were said may be against you should a case come against you.

Don’t admit fault. Apologizing or saying things like “Sorry, I got distracted,” are sure fire ways to have your politeness turned into an admission of liability (and higher auto insurance rates). You can be cordial and polite after a car accident without admitting fault or apologizing.

Don’t say everything is OK. Much like admitting fault, you may feel as though you are as healthy as you ever were. Your body could be running on adrenline or be in a form of mild shock that makes you believe you are fine, but some injuries take time until they show themselves. After a minor collision if asked if you’re OK, say something like, “It’s too soon to tell,” or “I’m not sure if I am OK.”

There’s not a rational person around who looks forward to being in an auto collision, but accidents happen. If you do have the unfortunate experience of getting into an accident remember these tips and you AND your insurance company will be grateful you did!

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