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2017 New Year Resolution Checklist

Posted by: Insurance Place by: January 13, 2017

2017 New Year Resolution Checklist

How do you want to improve in 2017? What do you want to accomplish? Maybe you want to eat healthier, or save more money. Or maybe this is the year you finally take the leap and start your own business. Whatever new year resolutions you have, you have a lot of hard work ahead if you’re going to meet them.

If you need some help staying focused on New Year Resolutions, here’s a checklist you can consult to help you stay on top of your goals. Use it whenever you need some encouragement this year!

Your Key to a Healthy New Year

Losing weight is a top new year resolution for many. But before you hit that treadmill, you can start keeping fit with these resolution reminders:

Visit your doctor. If you’ve been recently ill, starting a new fitness regimen before you’re ready could do more harm than good. If you have an outstanding medical issue, you’ll want a professional opinion before you make any big changes to your eating or workout habits.

Make small, obtainable goals. Completing multiple fitness goals over shorter periods of time will help ease you into your routine. You’ll feel much more accomplished knocking out two or three goals every month as you strive toward your big, long-term fitness goals.

Inspect your current health insurance policy. Does your new workout routine include going to the gym every week? You could be eligible for a discount on your Health or Life Insurance, which can save you money while you get fit.

Keep the healthy lifestyle going with our get fit checklist for the new year.

Getting a Handle on Your Financials

Thinking about your budget now can save you heaps of time (and money!) in the long run. Here’s how you can get ahead financially:

Identify where you can cut costs. Grab a calculator—it’s time to find out where you can afford to cut back your spending. Cut out the daily Starbucks trip or simply bundle your Home, Life, and Vehicle Insurance together for easy savings this year.

Track your progress at work. Want to get a raise at work this year? Take a look at your recent performance. If you’ve handled your deadlines and projects well, that can help you negotiate to get the salary you want.

Find out what you should really be making. Do research and see what others in your area are making for your current position. If it’s significantly less than what you currently make, it might be time to ask for a raise… or find new work.

Use our money saving tips to keep more of it in your pocket this year!

Time to Get Busy

The new year is a great time to launch the business of your dreams. You might have a bumpy road ahead if you’re just starting out, but you can smooth things out with these suggestions:

Do your research. Find out what you need to get started before you flip that Open sign. Do online research or read books to get on the fast track to success.

Create a marketing plan. Imagine an ideal customer and build your marketing plan to cater to his or her needs. This can keep your goals focused while getting you results that connect you with customers.

Protect your investment. It only takes one accident to have your dreams ruined. Speak with your insurance provider about general liability insurance and BOP insurance before it’s too late.

Turn your dream job into a career – Use our Checklist

Hit the Road

Traveling and seeing more of the world can help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the new year. Consider these tips to make the most of your trips:

Make a list of where you want to go. How will you get there? If you’re flying, start looking at plane tickets a few months in advance for the best price. If you’re driving, make sure you have enough Vehicle Insurance.

Know when to go. Mark your calendar with the best times to visit. If you plan right, you can coincide a vacation with a special event or season to make the trip more memorable.

Identify special travel requirements. Some exotic locations may require travel visas or immunizations. Researching what you need in advance can save you a lot of stress.

Keep reading on how to make your travel dreams come true
Remember to save this infographic and keep it as a reference for your new year resolutions! Happy New Year from The Insurance Place!

New Year Resolutions Checklist

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