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What Makes Us Different

We cover you smartly

With a world full of risk and liability, everyone needs insurance. But the amount of insurance companies and insurance agents in California can often make it confusing to select an insurance partner that is right for you.

While we believe the best way to find out why we stand out from the crowd is to contact us and see for yourself, if you’d like to know a little bit more about us, we’ve decided to outline why we’re different.

We answer your calls

We are dedicated to customer service. Our determination to know our customers and offer them superior service means that you will be able to talk to a real person when you call us. Not only that, but you’ll get us direct. It will not be after a long series of selecting different options through a voice recording.

We stay focused on your interests

We understand the value of our work to you is to provide you with exemplary insurance coverage at a reasonable cost. We actively negotiate rates for you with the insurance carriers to ensure that you are not wasting your hard-earned money. Our goal is to find you great insurance that perfectly fits your needs and your budget.

We know the insurance products

Insurance in California is our specialty. We work continually with the insurance carriers and we understand your requirements as a business owner, home owner, and driver. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can easily and effectively match you to the most appropriate product on the market.

We’re responsive

Sometimes you just can’t wait, and we know that. When you request an insurance certificate that you need on the same day, we make sure you receive it on the same day. This policy carries through with our quotes and proposals. We make sure that you get the best information quickly so your insurance is taken care of and you can get on with life.

We know what is coming next

We are constantly in contact with insurance carriers, which helps us stay ahead of the changes taking place in the insurance industry. We make sure that you are informed of these changes so that you can make educated choices about your own insurance requirements.

We check your policy

When your policy comes up for renewal, we look over it again to ensure that you still have the best insurance package on the market. We also check with you to see if your insurance requirements have changed. If you have grown or downsized or added an aspect of your business, we make sure it’s represented in your renewed policy. This attention to detail ensures that your policy stays current with your business.

We constantly continue our insurance education

We believe in continuing education about insurance. Not only does this help us stay abreast to changes in the industry, but it also keeps us informed as to what is being determined by the state and federal governments in regards to their insurance requirements.

We help you manage your risk

From individual consultations to educational seminars, we offer loss control services that will assist you in managing a safer, more productive, and ultimately more profitable business.

The Insurance Place employees have always been helpful and knowledgeable. We use The Insurance Place as a one-stop-shop for our insurance needs, as we value their expertise & experience.

- Lisa
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